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Safe transportation of humanitarian aid from Poland to Ukraine

by | May 26, 2022

Safe transportation of humanitarian aid

Since the war in Ukraine started, many donations and crowd funding were held immediately to help those in need. The magazines of humanitarian aid containing food, water, medicines, clothes, hygiene and cleaning utensils and many other things for refugees were filled at an express pace. The will and the level of organised help were stunning. However, many people, foundations and organisations were gathering donations, but only a few were organising safe transportation of humanitarian aid to those in need. Food has started to rot. Many packages were gone missing – stolen from places or on the road.

Being aware of this problem, we arranged cooperation between embassies, NGOs, private companies and donors, support hubs and safe reception points in Ukraine to organise a well-working net for safe and controlled transport of the gathered humanitarian aid. Thanks to the established cooperation, we gained access to trucks, small vans and passenger cars (security), with which we began to deliver parcels with supplies from warehouses to places in Ukraine where this assistance was / is most needed.

Since March, we have organised many transports to hospitals and field hospitals, temporary shelters, destroyed Ukrainian towns, local NGOs, lifeguards, municipalities and many other groups in need of humanitarian support.

We organise donations’ collection and safe transportation in cooperation with:

Some of the transports we organised are listed below.

Supplies for Kyiv, Ukraine | Delivered: 24.05.2022

Transport of food and medicines donated by Eutsi Pireneo (Basque Country) and water donated by UAB Lamikara (Lithuania) through Poland to Kyiv, Ukraine, carried out by passenger cars in close cooperation with the Belarusian DAR Initiative (Thank you, Ruslan!)

Water for Ukraine | Delivered: 21.05.2022

Transport of hundreds of bottles of natural mineral water UPAS donated by UAB LAMIKARA Company (Lithuania) to be delivered to various Ukrainian towns. To ensure maximum security of delivery, the transport was carried out by small vans. 

Supplies for Irpen, Bucha, Kyiv, Borshchiv, Ternopil and hotspots | Delivered: 04.2022

We coordinated a transport of medicines, first aid kits, food, water and hygiene products donated by various donors – like Laura Scaglione (Italy), Ola Thin (China) and others – and delivered by Ukrainian army to the places with the highest humanitarian aid needs.

Supplies for the Ukrainian army (front line) | Delivered: 04.2022

We organised the transport of supplies, as water, food, medicines and one generator from MILA to the Kiev Oblast, from where they were transferred to the front by the Ukrainian army.

Supplies sent to Borshchiv for Ukrainian army | Delivered: 21.04.2022

We arranged two transports to Borshchiv, from where the supplies were taken by Ukrainian army and sent to the front lines. We delivered hundreds of bottles of water collected by the DAR Initiative, food, blankets and clothes collected by Laura Scaglione from Licata (Sicily).

Supplies for people from Niezhyn, Chernihiv Oblast, Ukraine